What Foods Should Diabetics Eat

One of the foremost obstacles diabetics face every day is what kind of food to eat. Those diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes need to be careful what they eat. Too much or too little sugar could grossly affect blood sugar levels and may lead to hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia… both considered as medical emergencies.
Among the macronutrients, carbohydrates hold the most significance for diabetics mainly because its building block is sugar. Sugar is our main source of energy. And as we all know, diabetics have problems managing their blood sugar levels.

By learning what kind of food contains carbohydrates and how much you should eat in a day, can help you better manage your blood sugar and avoid any untoward events. There are three kinds of carbohydrates: sugar, starch and fiber. In food labels, the term “Total Carbohydrate” refers to all three… this amount is what you should look out for in foods.

Vegan Chef Called Liar on National Television

Vegans Eat What?

Diabetes today can be prevented and revered if you believe it can. The change is simple if you follow the 10-day plan that’s outlined for a Type-2 Diabetic.

Nutritional Diabetic Rehab Coaching

If you could push a button and your diabetes and weight issues would disappear, would you do it?

Most people “lie” to themselves when they think about becoming diabetic free or how much weight they’d like to lose. They say, “I’d like to stop taking diabetic medication and lose 15 or 20 points.” Then, when they try to imagine the “what if” doubt and fear steps in and stops them in their tracks.

When we get 60 pounds overweight or more, another 20 pounds is barely noticeable. This is one of the reasons why we remain on diabetic drugs and keep gaining additional weight – another 5 pounds is hard to notice.

BUT… if you’d like to finally get off insulin or other diabetes medication, and get ALL the way down to your Sexiest, most Confident weight – once and for all.  AND… if you’d like to get my personal support to make it happen, then check this out…

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Vegans Eat What!

Tune in to Find out the Best Foods for Vegans to Eat!

Vegan Chef

7 Tips to Reverse Your Diabetes

Diabetes CureDiabetes can be very misleading.

Today we’re going to look at ways to combat Diabetes, an often misunderstood disease.

  1. Unprocessed food is your ideal food choice. Anything that’s processed you should avoid. These are foods that are in a box, plastic bag or that you didn’t prepare yourself from scratch.
  2. When eating, take your time. 47 Tips to Reverse Your Diabetes
  3. Remember. If it was grown from the ground, it is safe to eat.
  4. When buying food, buy food that will spoil and does not have a shelf life.
  5. When you see a product that makes a health claim, avoid it as a general rule. Likely it is processed and unhealthy for you.
  6. Buy your vegetables from your local farmer’s market. Cook at home whenever possible.
  7. Avoid all types of salts.

With over 100 million being affected by pre-diabetes and Diabetes, there must be a way to stop this epidemic.

Diabetic Meal Plans, What You Should Be Eating

Diabetic Meal Plans, What You Should Be EatingThe question I often ask when someone has been diagnosed with Diabetes is, What Did You Eat!

When it comes to understanding basic food selections for diabetes, it can be complicated to the brightest of individuals. This podcast will give you some simple but practical solutions to making better choices when it comes to dealing with diabetes; and your diet directly impacts the effect Diabetes has on your body.

Misleading Diabetic Meal Plans

When working with a Diabetic Meal Plan, the number one issue has to do with choices in selecting the right type of food dish or items that will not affect their blood sugar levels, and I’m amazed at how little knowledge a diabetic has.  Most of the information can be very misleading and actually cause more harm to you. This podcast will address some basic, but helpful information to control your diabetes with a new lifestyle. Read more

Robin Roberts and Cancer Treatment

Robin RobinsNews has just been reported that ABC News reporter Robin Roberts needs a bone marrow transplant and her sister is a match. This is her latest battle with Cancer and you have to wonder why this is happening to her again.

Cancer affects a million Americans daily, and it appears to be getting worse with each passing day. Could it possibly be lifestyle choices that we make, thinking that we’re immortal and can go about life living as if what happens to us just happens?

I don’t think so. This new way of life is so hard to change to one that gives you a better quality of life. Maybe it’s pressure from our peers that’s causing us to lose focus and direction.
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Three Biggest Mistakes People Make Trying To Lose Weight

Three Biggest Mistakes People Make Trying To Lose WeightWhen trying to lose weight it helps to know what to do and how to do it right.

Knowing precisely what to avoid is important. The simplest way to do that is to discover what mistakes others are making and then make sure to avoid them.

For losing weight, this is also applicable. There are many people who succeed there. You’ll want to be one of those people instead of one of those who make mistakes and fail.

Losing Weight Can Be Simple

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Blood Sugar Solution for Diabetes

Diabetes has taken the world by storm, and it appears we have an epidemic.

Something has to change!

We have to look at what we are consuming from the time we wakeup to when we go to sleep at night.

This blood sugar related video will give you some insight into controlling your Diabetes.

How to Reverse Your Diabetes

47_tips book cover copyA Blood Sugar Solution for Your Diabetes

Your Diabetes Health DVD’s (Four One Hour Set) ONLY $14.99

Diabetes to Your Health is an in-depth study of whole food, plant-based nutrition, debunking the most common myths associated with modern nutrition.

Exploring your need for protein, calcium, supplements, metabolism and other issues, Diabetes to Your Health provides answers to your biggest questions.
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Fight Obesity with Broccoli

Who would have thunk it?  

Watch this short video on how to fight obesity with broccoli!

Delicious Benefits of Beans for Diabetes

Beans and Diabetes

Type-2 Diabetes is no joke, but luckily for us, a vegetable-based high-nutrient diet is a great way to prevent and fight Diabetes. 30 million Americans have Diabetes, and through food awareness and educating people on how eating plant-based food can prevent and reverse diabetes, we can finally make a difference.

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