Robin Roberts and Cancer The Treatment







THE NEW HAS JUST BEEN REPORTED That ABC NEWS Robin Roberts needs a bone marrow Transplants and her sister is the match that’s need to help her overcome her latest battle with cancer and you have to wonder my this has happen again to her.


This disease cancer happen to million of Americans daily and its appears to be getting worst each passing day. Why, could it possibly be lifestyle choices that we make thinking we’re immortal and can go about life living as what happens to us just happen!


I don’t think so, and the issues is and all will be said, this new way of life is  so hard to change or you might consider a lifestyle that gives a better quality of life, Maybe its pressure from our peers that’s cause us to lose focus or our direction.




More that 4500 people receive a bone marrow transplant each year. With the advancement of new treatment, a key healing part seems to be forgotten, food a plant-based lifestyle


Bone marrow is a soft, sponge-like material found inside certain bones, such as the heads of the femur (thigh bone) and humerus (arm bone), the sternum (breast bone), and the hipbones. Bone marrow contains immature cells called stem cells. Stem cells can divide to form more stem cells or they can mature into blood cells.


Your white blood cells help fight infection, your red blood cells help carry oxygen to and remove carbon dioxide from organs and tissues and you blood platelets enable the blood to clot.




The issues in fighting cancer can going plant-based make a difference, yes along with some other changes in and around you. We must try to live in a stress free environment and remove all distractions that’s prohibiting you a piece of mind.


Lets decide to win this war on cancer today by making changes that can having everlasting effects on you now!

Cancer can be stop in it tracks, just as Diabetes can be prevented!


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