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Diabetic Meal Plans, What You Should Be Eating

Diabetic Meal Plans, What You Should Be EatingThe question I often ask when someone has been diagnosed with Diabetes is, What Did You Eat!

When it comes to understanding basic food selections for diabetes, it can be complicated to the brightest of individuals. This podcast will give you some simple but practical solutions to making better choices when it comes to dealing with diabetes; and your diet directly impacts the effect Diabetes has on your body.

Misleading Diabetic Meal Plans

When working with a Diabetic Meal Plan, the number one issue has to do with choices in selecting the right type of food dish or items that will not affect their blood sugar levels, and I’m amazed at how little knowledge a diabetic has.  Most of the information can be very misleading and actually cause more harm to you. This podcast will address some basic, but helpful information to control your diabetes with a new lifestyle. Read more