Obesity and Broccoli



Delicious Benefits of Beans for Diabetes

Beans and Diabetes


Type-2 diabetes is no joke, but luckily for us, a vegetable-based high-nutrient is a great way to prevent and fight Diabetes Today with 30 million american having diabetes, the simple solution has to be through food awareness and educating how eating plant-based food can prevent and reverse diabetes.


Beans are best for Diabetes


Beans,they’re low in fat, and offer protein and a variety of vitamins and minerals. But they may have extra benefits for people with diabetes because they’re high in  fiber.


Diabetes and Beans





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Blood Sugar Solution for Diabetes

Blood Sugar Solution 


Diabetes and has taken the world by storm, it appears we have and epidemic and something has to change. we have to look at what we are consuming from the time we wakeup to when you go to sleep at night. The Sugar related video give some insight about controling Diabetes.


Blood Sugar and Diabetes

Plant-Based Chef Timothy Moore Talks Diabetes

Plant-Based Chef On Diabetes


    Chef Timothy Moore  Talk Vegan Bean Burger On Live at 9


Diabetes Vegan Chef cooking Raw

Diabetes Chef


Heart Disease and Diabetes and Whitney Houston

Heart disease and diabetes are related


whitnet Houston heart disease

Whitney Houston

The news came swift, about Whitney Houston’s and everyone was shocked and  saddened and wondered how a person at the tender age of 48 years old could die at such a young age. Well in reality, your lifestyle determines your future in regards to your health.

The medical report was released, some of  it good and some of it not so good, but were not going to reflect on the negative but we’re going to reflect today on how you can prevent and reverse your heart disease and diabetes which seems to affect millions of Americans every day and  causes  untimely deaths which are totally unnecessary.

According to the CDC, heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States, and individuals from all ages can develop this condition based on their lifestyle. The CDC, reports one out of three  individuals die from heart disease and cardiovascular disease contributes to  800,000 deaths per year.

You might ask, what is the solution to not develop  cardiovascular disease which leads to high blood pressure, diabetes and other health related issues. One must step back and take an examination of their lifestyle and at that point your  will determine from your  lifestyle the outcome to your health. The old saying,  junk in junk out. Which one of these scenarios are you planning Russian Roulette with. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be a gun but a simple fork and a knife to causes bodily harm.

Heart Disease and Diabetes are Preventable

There are so much information on the Internet and in books all around  you, that you should be able to make some sound decisions about your food choices and lifestyle endeavors. The issue  must be, how important is life to you and what are you willing to do to jeopardize your overall health that could prevent you from enjoying a happy and prosperous life.

Life a precious gift, that is often taken for granted and abused in so many ways and when you examine your life, you will begin to understand how precious your gift of life really is and hopefully you would decide to make some changes in your lifestyle that you are able to prevent heart disease and diabetes from ever being a part of your life, don’t believe that your parents gave you this disease which is not true as you have been told  it’s hereditary you’re supposed to have this disease not true at all.

In his book, ”Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease”  Dr. Caldwell Estellyn Jr  M.D. talks about how heart disease can be prevented and that this disease is preventable and with a simple lifestyle change can be totally prevented.

Heart Disease and Diabetes

Heart Disease

Lifestyle change, seems to be the main issue when it comes to fighting off heart disease and diabetes. In our society everything is  Precooked  and close at hand and nothing is cooked the old-fashioned way, we live in a world of processed foods which you are miss led into believing that it has healthy benefits and nutrition that’s truly beneficial for our life. The CDC, reports one out of every 6 adults are obese and one out of 3 children are obese.

Heart Disease and Diabetes Reversal

The truth to the matter,  The food choices  that we give ourselves and our children is actually the main cause of heart disease and diabetes because of the ingredients used to make your food, which has a shelf life of never  expiring,  process  food  leads to obesity Which is accepted  in society  as normal, in which  we have grown accustomed to enjoying, and being misled about the nutritional value of our food  selections.

The commercials,  McDonald’s, Burger King, Popeye’s chicken, Kentucky fried chicken, IHOP pancakes, subway, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Wendy’s and all the other fast food restaurants are really causing you a lower health problems when you’re thinking you’re getting a nutritious and balanced meal. Examine your food choices and look at the fat content of your food and you will notice how fat and saturated fats affect your body and mind. Just because it tastes good does not mean it is good for you, so long to say no thank you sometime.

The major component  in reversing heart disease, diabetes and obesity is through a plant based lifestyle, which  you’re eating beans, salads,  fresh fruits and vegetables,  drinking pure water and getting your proper rest and not  stressing out over things you have no control over.  You learn  how to relax and enjoy life.

So remember, learn more about a plant-based life and regain your health back today.

Diabetes The Simple Ways To Reverse Yours


Diabetes is not a curse 


You feel trapped, and it seems you’re always by yourself but when it comes to reversing your diabetes, is not as complicated as it appears to be with a little lifestyle changing your diabetes can possibly be reversed. The hardest part about believing that diabetes can be reversed, is because of all the misleading information that’s put before us from our doctors, to the Internet and everybody that has an opinion.

Diabetes is not  a curse, in today’s  world diabetes can be eliminated and prevented with  a little education and understanding about this disease and how it affects your body in ways that’s controllable but, we are misled into believing that diabetes cannot be controlled or reverse unless we’re medicated.

 The book is forward by Dr. T Colin Campbell PH.D, ‘The China Study’

Diabetes Free Lifestyle

In the new book, ” 47 Tips To Reverse Your  Diabetes” it reveals  some simple and practical ways to reverse your diabetes and how to eliminate a lot of the stress that comes from the onset of believing your diabetes can never be controlled. Diabetes is not a death sentence as it was once thought of, you must believe and listen to your body to be able to conquer and control this dreaded disease.

In this blog post,  Chef Timothy Moore discusses ways on his show to eliminate or prevent diabetes from a practical and from experience in which he had diabetes at one time and was told it could never be cured or reversed, but with a lifestyle change and some food changes his diabetes was reversed and he was able to regain control of his life and  continue to live a healthy and happy life and spread the word about how to reverse your diabetes and lose weight in a simple way.

Diabetes can be reversed but it starts with you believing in yourself and knowing that this dreaded disease can be conquered, if that is believed you have just beat the disease and you’re now on your way to the reversal of diabetes and you’re starting to begin your life all over again without worrying about diabetes.

 If you’re ever told, that your diabetes can never be reversed, I want you to examine the  individual that’s telling you that and ask him or her a question as to why they believe diabetes cannot be reversed and if the answer doesn’t make sense move on to a new person that believes the way you believe that diabetes can be reversed. Because according to the CDC diabetes can be prevented, so if it can be prevented it can be reversed. Enjoy the  blog and  forward a copy to all your friends so they can understand that their diabetes can be reversed.

Is There A Cure For Diabetes

diabetes reverse

Type 2 diabetes









Diabetes needs a cure:



That always seems to be a question that’s asked, when someone is diagnosed with diabetes. Is there a cure for the disease and what are my possibilities for reversing this dreaded disease of diabetes?


The more you listen to the news, the more confused you become and everywhere you search for information in regard to diabetes, you seem to get so many different opinions as you don’t know which believe.


Diabetes, this word can bring a building down and cause great men to sweat and not understanding how this disease attacks the body like no other.


The good news is yes it can be cured, but the main issues are you able to follow the program that’s required to overcome this. Disease. Follow it only if you want to have a long healthy life.


Controlling your diabetes comes down to 3 things, diet, exercise and weight control.

There’s really not a magic bullet, it just takes dedication and in mine warning to change for the better and understand that how implementing small changes can benefit your life in ways you never thought and also help remove that dreaded disease of.


The one thing about losing weight, it can have a dramatic affect on how is able to lower your blood sugar. A weight-loss of 10 to 30 pounds can drop your A1C level if his high assuming 8.8 to 5.6 in about 3 months time. To get this type of results it takes a commitment on your part and knowing that is possible and obtainable if you commit to the program.


How you get there, and stay there is entirely a personal choice.


The goal should be to change your eating patterns, implement and exercise program that is tailored just for you, or you can do 5 to 45 min. a day of some type of physical activity, which is known to help lower high blood sugar.


The one thing to always remember, there are prescription and nonprescription medicines that can raise your blood sugar, so you’re taking any type of statins be sure to ask questions about your medication to see if is possibly causing your blood sugar to be high from the Staten drugs you’re taking.



In his new book ” 47 Tips To Reverse Your Diabetes” it provides some excellent information on reversing diabetes in understanding how food plays a major part in a reversal process. This book has some great points.



  • Excellent information
  • Amazing book
  • Diabetes without drugs
  • Not just a reference tool
  • A must-have book for Diabetes
  • Great information for those just diagnose with type II diabetes



When discussing diabetes, normalizing your blood sugar should always be your quest. There are a lot of programs with information but sometimes you must use common sense to un

Rapper Heavy D dies from Natural Causes


Rapper Dies From Natural Causes it’s Reported!


Rapper Heavy D dies from natural causes!

Heavy D

We were all sadden, at the news that  rapper Heavy D  has died at 44, of natural causes, which his life was just beginning and the prospect of growing older was looking  great.  We live in a world that health care is important to some and not so important to others, with body and mind  being able to function at wharf speed it seems unbearable to some, as if there is no journey to the path that we have chosen to follow.

I can remember, Heavy D, the first time I heard his music, and seen him on television, what a cool guy, I thought to myself and I was right, he went on to greatness in his own way.

What does it mean, to die from natural causes, I always thought it meant dying at an old age, in your bed because the body was worn out.  Everything it seems gets a dress rehearsal to whatever the situation at the moment appears.  A dress rehearsal for what, why so many fake and untruths  being told when it comes to our health, are we bionic!

Natural causes of death, if you look it up, it’s considered natural to die from a heart attack, cancer and other illnesses that are drawn out over time, this is considered a natural death and if this is natural, I don’t want to ever experience this form of death.


If Heavy D or anyone had their way of knowing their death would be from natural situations, lifestyle choices, I think they would have chosen a different route in life.  We are no more different than the Heavy D’s, of the world, because of the games, we allow ourselves to play against our own bodies.

Natural Causes The Truth

The terms that were used in the autopsy, associated with being overweight, Arteriosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease heart disease, are not natural causes of death.  We must decide to take charge of our health and our bodies in a manner, which restores and give life and not death, but allows us to live a lifestyle of happiness and peace.

Tired from jet lag, or just sitting down for long periods of time, was another reason listed in the corners report as a possible contributor to his death.  If this is so a lot of us are going to be in trouble because of the type lifestyles we live when it comes to taking care of our bodies.

Stop look listen and see your future, it begins now.  You don’t have to worry about having a heart attack or getting cancer or diabetes, if you decide to do some simple lifestyle changes in which we’ll benefits you and add  years back to your life, that were lost due to unhealthy eating and lifestyles choices.  At this moment decide to heart disease proof yourself and do diabetes prevention and decide cancer is not the disease, I thought it was, live life to the fullest. A plant-based lifestyle

Enjoying Life and Dieing From Natural Causes

The do you really want to live healthy and happy?  What would it take for you to make some simple lifestyle changes in regards to exercising and changing the nutritional components in your life?
We can dress it up anyway, It need to be, but the choice is yours and I hope you choose life and not dependent on hope, that taking medication can give you the quality of life that your searching for, first step is deciding change is possible and obtainable today.

Let’s stop trying to dress up a pig, it is what it is.

Your health is what it is.

47 Tips To Reverse Your Diacetes

47 tips to reverse your diabetes

47 tips to reverse your diabetes

18 Tips To Control Your Blood Sugar



Natural Remedies To Control Diabetes


blood sugar

•    Mindset change, decide to make up your mind to change your health.

•    Making an assessment of the foods you are eating.

•    Make a 30 day Food Journal.

•    What do you hope to accomplish?

•    How long will this take to get back under control?

•    How do you stop being an emotional eater?

In today’s time when diabetes is an all-time high, there must be ways to control high blood sugar, with natural remedies and will not cause any harm to the body or a person. This road trip that we  are taking at times seemed like we are on a roller coaster journey  in regards to our health.

The mere thought of exercising and contemplating dieting to control our blood sugar seems like at times and impossible task well there’s now help in regards to your health issues, and understanding knowing any health obstacle have the  possibility of it being reversed or cured depending on the severity of the ailment and the mindset of the person involved.  A change can appears to be nonexistence at times but in reality it’s close at hand and in this post will discuss some simple and proven techniques to help you overcome some health related issues.

The diabetes news reports nothing but disasters or reports how we continue to get sicker with no end in sight or no way to get better with blood sugar because those that are reporting healthcare news are stuck it seemed in a time wharf which entails keeps them in a position of disbelief that a healthcare issue could ever be resolved.


Natural Blood Sugar Treatment

blood sugar

Blood Sugar


Today in the “18 Ways To Control Your Diabetes”packaging worksheet, the is a simple and proven, practical ways to assist you in your dilemma or stress to control blood sugar numbers which entails seems to rise daily without proper care and sound nutritional understand.  Diabetes, what causes it and why do so many Americans face this disease every day knowing it’s preventable and reversible, which is always a topic of discussion when talking to individuals who blood sugar levels always seems out of control.

The journey has begun to start the process of eradicating this dreaded disease, which is caused one of 13 Americans to have a lifestyle that’s uncomfortable and the time has come to regain a peace of mind knowing that this disease can be a thing of the past.  The American diabetes Association reports on their website that diabetes is preventable, but somehow the majority of Americans someone forgot to inform them of this healthcare news at blood sugar is not a lifestyle.


Blood Sugar Controlled Naturally

These simple but proven tips that are applied to blood sugar and listen to on the audio at your leisure at home or while in the car will answer some basic and simple questions that you’re dealing with every day in regards to learning how to control blood sugar, as you listen and take notes vision, the change of the reversal of your diabetes and been able to have a good quality of life restored that you have been missing. A change starts with you!


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blood sugar






The Diabetes Deception



Diabetes Deception


Diabetes Deception

Diabetes Deception


The news seem to never get better constantly there here is something concerning diabetes which entails leads to the diabetes deception, that has misled millions of diabetics to believe that there is no possible way for them to ever not depend on diabetic medication and that diabetes is a lifelong illness.

When statistics shows there 30 million Americans diagnosed with diabetes, the diabetes deception really comes into play.  If you observe and notice how prone someone is told upon a medical evaluation that’s a possibility that diabetes based on the lifestyle is now upon them.

The American Heart Association reports the diabetes could be controlled with diet and exercise, but also with the help of your health care practitioner working alone with you, but the problem when it comes to nutrition a lot of our well-known practitioners don’t really understand the components that consists to a nutritional lifestyle.  It’s no fault of theirs that when in medical school nutrition wasn’t a major issue or subject to be studied.

Diabetes Deception Acts

The diabetes deception can be shown to be misleading to the average person that believes that diabetes can never be reversed.  Today, there are millions of diabetics that are celebrating knowing that once upon a time they themselves had diabetes and had they not chosen to make a lifestyle change the possibility of continuing to be a diabetic would be continual.  That’s why the diabetes deception must stop and we must take control of our health through better nutritional decisions and incorporating in our daily life 30 to 45 min. of exercise, combined with meditation and yoga.

The news of job loss and insurance benefits that are no longer available, it’s time to take control of your life and not depend on someone else because as this moment you are in control of your destiny and I suppose you realize by now you’re able to watch and control how you spin money on food that has no nutritional value and at this point, you now have begun to make every dollar count, by purchasing a better quality of food.

Diabetes Deception Gone                                                                                                                                                                                       

diabetes deception

Diabetes Deception

The blessing that was imposed upon you from your job loss or your company downsizing actually saved your life from a life of health related issues because you were dependent upon your insurance to keep you sane, but in reality it was causing a slow death.  I’m not saying insurance is not needed but it has become a crutch in our society and we must find ways to not depend on crutches, but depend on ourselves.  You see the diabetes deception is really not a deception its sometimes, just a reality check into who we are but remember if you have diabetes or someone you know has diabetes.  It’s reversible, and by all means it’s preventable.

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