Seven Foods To Eliminate From Your Diet

Foods To Eliminate From Your DietWhen dealing with weight gain or weight problems everyone’s body functions different. We must eliminate all processed foods that have now nutritional value. There are 7 foods or beverages you should stay away from and there is a chance by consuming these foods, that you could possibly get a disease.

  1. Fried Foods- hidden fats and loaded with calories
  2. Baked Goods- sweets, pies, cakes, are not to be consumed.
  3. Coffee- we can’t just drink black coffee, we have to add sugar and cream
  4. Soft Drinks- Just sugar avoid not good for your health or body
  5. Canned Meat-when eating canned food, how long has it been in the can!
  6. Canned Soup- salt, salt, salt,
  7. Fruit Snacks- Sugar, Sugar, Sugar

 If your Diabetic avoid theses at all cost

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