A Blood Sugar Solution for your Diabetes


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                                                                  Your Diabetes Health DVD’S Four One Hour Set



Diabetes To Your Health is an in-depth study of whole food, plant-based nutrition, debunking the most common myths associated with modern nutrition. Exploring your need for protein, calcium, supplements, metabolism, and other issues, Diabetes To Your Health provides answers to your biggest questions. Follow Chef Timothy Moore (a.k.a The Plant-Based Chef) as he talks to the country the biggest names in the Plant-Based world including Dr. T. Colin Campbell (The China Study),  Dr. John McDougall (The McDougall Program), Dr. Neal Barnard (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) and many more. Chef Timothy Moore’ s travels take him around the U.S. This fun and entertaining journey is full of life-changing information and hope for a future of better health for all.













  1. latanya says:

    Chef, I read the article that was posted in the Ocotber 4, 2012 issue of the Tri State Defender. The article that you wrote centered around the food challenge where Greg Station the mayor of Phoenix tried to live off of $29 during a weeklong SNAP program. The article was very enlightening and encouraging. I especially was excited to learned that you were successful in trying the $29 a week spending food challenge. When I read that you went to Aldi, Kroger and Wal-Mart to purchase your goods and spent only $27.91 that was incredible and it proves to any prudent shopper that eaiting healthy is a lifestyle.. I can not wait to read your future articles. God Bless, stay encouraged and continue to help educate African Americans on eating healthy.

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