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Fight Obesity with Broccoli

Who would have thunk it?  

Watch this short video on how to fight obesity with broccoli!

Seven Simple Tips to Reverse Diabetes

Seven Simple Tips to Reverse DiabetesToday I’ll talk about using 7 to 18 ways to reverse and control your diabetes.

In this discussion there are simple and practical matters to help you understand that your diabetes does not have to be in control of your daily life, in fact you control it with these simple and proven tactics that are used to help in the healing process and reversal process of diabetes.

With obesity being the cause related to diabetes, it’s important to understand how 5 pounds can impact your body and your health.  It elevates blood pressures, irritability, causes hormonal imbalances, tiredness and a host of other health-related issues related to the onset of obesity.
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Food: Your Healing Medicine

Chopping HerbsMost people with Diabetes have grown accustomed to the pain that’s caused from not being able to properly consume the foods they eat.

When informed about diabetes your first thought is usually what do I do?  A very uncomfortable position to be in. Good nutrition is perhaps the most powerful medicine. 

People in the U.S. alone spend a combined $263 billion to treat diabetes and obesity alone, and those costs keep going up year-after-year.  One of the main reasons for this cost is because of a high process fat laden diet-eating program.  Just one problem with the Western diet.  Read more