Vegan Diet or Conventional Diet

Vegan Diet or Conventional Diet

What you want and what you should not eat seems to have everyone confused!

The eating styles that you prefer aren’t necessarily what you should be eating. If your life depends on what you eat and if knowing what you’re eating or consuming is good food… for you the question is would you consider changing it to obtain your overall health?

Recently on the Oprah Winfrey show there was a segment about the benefits of eating a vegan or plant-based diet and the amazing part, the majority of the people on the show that participated were amazed or surprised at how well the food was and the overall outcome of their health.  

We constantly hear about purchasing meals for five dollars or less, which are dangerous to our health, but the reality is that any food that’s processed has its downfalls and usually has to do with you getting sick from saturated fat.  According to the CDC, We are spending over $34 billion a year on health related issues and the majority of those issues are related to obesity and diabetes, this madness must stop. 

One in three Americans are diabetic, and diabetes is preventable!  The truth is a plant-based diet is really not complicated. It just takes some planning and understanding and knowing your health related issues are reversible. The jury is still out on some of the things that we’re considering to give up, comfort foods are our life; but in reality there’s nothing like living pain-free and having a longer and healthier life and not worrying about health related problems.  

So when considering your next meal, pass up the fast food and the junk food and go home and plan yourself a nutritious and healthy balanced meal that helps you stay healthy. I always hear, we don’t have time to cook; well now you don’t have a choice, because who’s going to take care of you when you’re down!

Ask the question and you might be surprised at what you hear. So make a lifestyle change today and enjoy life. The three deadliest ingredients are white sugar (or any sugar), any kind of salt and cooking oil of any kind.

Stay away from and remove these from your life and will quickly feel the change. Drink your water and live.  Remember, you are what you eat!

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