Warning Signs Of Diabetes

The issue of Diabetes is getting worse each day and has become an epidemic, it must be stopped! We live with the promises that diabetes medication being the savior to our madness of this controllable disease which is preventable. The news’s from CDC, 1 an 3 people are affected and there another 2 of 6 walking around not knowing they have the disease. We must listen to our body and know a lifestyle change is a must or decide on the possibly of having a shorter life expectancy because diabetes is a killer and it gives know notice or symptom that a lot of people look for before deciding to make a change. The hardest part of dealing with diabetes is what foods are good to eat and believing diabetes can be reversed or how about prevented! The fast food consumption must stop and nutritional foods must become a daily process. Today you must decide to talk control of your life and if not for you do it for your love ones. A plant-based lifestyle can help reverse a lot of health related issues and restore your health and get you off that medication that actually causing harm to the body

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